Johnson's testimony on 04 Sep 2013 - I Love Christ


Hi, I am delighted to share how I met my savior Lord Jesus,

I come from a small town called Shimoga in South India and my parents were god fearing Christians and I was bought up in god fearing culture.While I was about 10 yrs old, God had healed me miraculously from a brain injury after falling from Tango on my way to school, the doctor was astonished with looking at my x-ray after being healed.

But I did not have any personal experience with God. I feared God as being bought with Christian values but failed to understand the love of God.My goal was to enjoy myself and do things what made me happy. I spent most of my young age in empty things like driving bikes, spending time with friends and did end up in wrong groups.

When I was about 21 years old I came to Sydney, Australia to do my studies (MBA) but got worse with worldly habits of getting into alcohol, clubbing and was in darkness. But I can say God was still watching me during my dark times and wanted to reveal himself many times.

I went back to India for nearly 3 years after my studies and one day I got into trouble with real estate people in Bangalore and was kidnapped for whole day and I was beaten by a bouncer with badly bleeding and they had thoughts of killing me as they thought I may cause trouble later going to police.

But that day when I was bleeding and thinking my life is about to end, all I can say is I was not ready to die. I knew in my heart there is life after death and I was sure due to my past walk in darkness, I will surely go to Hell. But cutting story short, they left me and we had to pay some money to resolve that problem.

Though I did things I ought not to, I always struggled in my heart, that is wrong and God doesn’t like but I did not have power to overcome them. Since the above kidnap story, my question of life after death became serious and I began searching & seeking God. I thought by going to church I will know God and please God also? In Bangalore I started going 2 services different church (morning & evening) thinking I will find God.

I migrated back to Sydney after nearly 3 years in India and after that horrible day experience of being tortured and kidnapped by real estate issue, raising question in my heart that I was not ready to die that day.

It was when I was leaving in a caravan at Silverwater, Australia and I was given information about special meeting at near by church in Auburn, I decided to go to that evening to near by Church for the first time.

The brother who was sharing was from Newzeland, brother Julian Bachelor and I was among hardly 10 young people listening to Gospel presentation. The message from God revealed to me clearly God is Holy and Heaven is a Holy place. It was clear to me if God is holy and Heaven where God lives is holy, I clearly can’t be close to God or be in Heaven as I have sinned. “All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God”.

The Lord revealed my condition of being in darkness and God has made a provision for me to be restored and God is able to forgive me.

Hebrews 9:22 “Without shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins.” The Lord revealed me his suffering and his love on that cross and he has paid my sins and I can be forgiven.

I cried to God for mercy, repented and accepted I had sinned before God and I lifted my hands to the calling to surrender my life to Jesus and accepted Jesus as my Savior and prayed the salvation prayer after understanding Jesus for first time and His unconditional love to me.

I was not sure what had happened to me, but that night was a beautiful night filled with hope, peace and purpose to get up next day and live for Jesus. I very soon experienced by his power to overcome my old sinful nature and Jesus became real and I wanted to live for Him.

God helped me to know a brother who was saved too and I understood then that I was born again or meaning of being born again by meeting like minded people. God led me to a bible study and bible believing church where I continued to taste his goodness.

Today I praise God for choosing this wretched sinner and making me a child of God, I have been blessed with beautiful church family to continue my journey and looking unto Him the author and perfector of my faith.

“The good work the Lord has begun will be accomplished”

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