Jeet's testimony on 03 Sep 2013 - He has set me free


Hi All,

I am pleased to share how I met my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ through my testimony.

I am from India. I was born in Hindu family. My parents tought me to worship idols. In my culture people believes that God lives in idols.Idol will listen your voice and satisfy your all needs. I used to go temple two times a day and speak "Gayatri Mantra" 256 times a day. I used to think, there is only one God, but at other side every week I used to go different temples to worship different idols.

I was having understanding in temple only I should not speak bad word, think wrong, fight with others etc. However, outside of temple I used to do everything without thefear of God. I was under thousands of superstitions as my parents, people, culture taught me. I was afraid to do anything because of those superstitions. I used to see people around me who do jelousy,evny, lie, wrong thinking, angerness, lust and many more. "I was one of them." At one side, I used to worship God in many ways but at other side walking on the opposite way than the Lord expected from me.

I was a tricky boy. I love to lie and use tricks on people to tease them. Many times, I was so jelouse with my friends and people around. I was just thinking about myself and being selfish with people. Many times, I have done wrong things with people for my personal work and selfishness. Amazing thing is I neverrealised that how much sins I was doing even though I used to worship God in form of many idols.

God gave me an opportunity to come Australia for higher study. One day my friend(one of my Hindu friends) asked me to come for Bible Study. I was wondering about that and asked him "What is Bible?". He tried to explain me about Bible, but I totally ignored him. I told to myself that my God is different thanChristian God. Bible is for Christians. Jesus Christ is a God of Christians and my God is different than them. My friend asked me many times to come but I ignored himby giving false excuses. I made many false promises to my friend to come for Bible Study and Church.Lord gave me many opportunities in many different ways but that was my pride to ignore and reject those invitations. I was thinking that Christians are trying to convert me and want to make me a part of their community.

One day, God gave me one more opportunity to make personal relation with him. I got a job in Canberra. Before I went to Canberra;I visited one of my brothers. He shared two verse from Bible "John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.""1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."First time,I prayed with him and confess my sins to the Lord. I asked for forgivness for my all past sins. I felt so different after that prayer. My body was so light for a moment. I took Bible with me and went to Canberra.

I started to read Bible, but I was not able to understand Lord words. Many times I opened Bible but tried to read like some other books. After some days, I got a call from one brother, and we met each other. He helped me to understand God words. I started to go Church because I wanted to know God personally. For many months,I was going to Church just like normal other Christians. One night Lord speak to my heart and I cried out with Loud Voice and speak to him personally. I can not forgetthat moment when Jesus speaks to my heart very first time. It was amazing moment for me. I realized the reality of the existance of Living God.

From that day, Jesus Christ become my saviour and my Lord. He is changing my heart everyday through his words. He has given me holy spirit as my personal guideand helper to direct me every moment of my further life. He is making me humble in his way and loving me as his child. I can not express his love in words, butsurely I can say that his love is precious and most valuable in my life.

I am sharing my testimony to show his love towards me. He blessed me everyway and loving me since my birth. I came to know Jesus Christ (living God) after 26 years because of my culture, environment, people etc. But it is still not late to know him and pursue him as my saviour. There is no barrier between me and Lord Jesus Christ.He has given me salvation with him as a gift.

Whoever is reading my testimony, I would really encourage you to ask him (Jesus Christ) once to come in your heart. He will listen your heartly request.Bible (God words) says in "Luke 11:10 For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."

"May the Lord bless you"

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